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About Our Fundraising Committee Leaders



Deacon  Errol Fletcher, 
Chair of the Event Planning Committee

Brother Errol Fletcher was born in Kingston,Jamaica to the parents of 

Hyacinth and Augustus Fletcher. At the age of 16, he went to live with his Uncle Wendell Fletcher who helped to raise him in the same household with Bishop Dr. Pauline F. Borland. He was baptized by Bishop Dr. Pauline F. Borland and received the right hand of fellowship into God's Healing Holiness Christian Church. He has been a member of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church since 1998. After his membership, he was integrated into the Building Committe where he resumed the position of fundraising co- chair. Brother Errol was instrumental in the buiding of the sanctuary where he worked side by side with the Chair-person Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland and 12 other members to help bring to pass the vision that God gave the Bishop to build our current sanctuary . He also chairs the event committee with his Co-Chair Sister Faye Fletcher G. Mackenze.

Deaconess Fay Gordan Mckenzie, 
Co-Chair of the Event Planning Committee

Sister Faye Gordan Mackenzie has been a long time supporter of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church for many years. In 2012, she and her husband Lionel Mackenzie became members of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church . Sister Faye brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the United Kingdom. Her expertise are in wedding planning, interior designing, seamstress, and church events planner. Mrs. Faye Gordan Mackensie is a well established  Bereavement Counselor and, the mother of seven sons, 31 grand-children and seven great-grands all who live in England (Great Britain).

Bishop Dr. Borland and Grandson Tique Borland

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