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GHHCC Ministry Leaders

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Her Grace, The Honorable
Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland,
Senior Pastor

Greetings Saints of God and welcome to our church website,


God's Healing Holiness Christian Church is an oasis;a place of peace and tranquility where people of all races and cultures are invited to come and experience a warm reception in an atmopshere of genuine love and unconditional acceptance; where the basic human needs are provided for; where social, physical, educational and faith needs are met and a lasting relationship is secure.

God has given me a vision for this community.Throughout this vision, I recognized the various needs in the community which must be addressed. I often pray to God for direction on how to better serve the community here in Brevard County Malabar, Florida, and around the world globally. Today, I am proud to say that God's Healing Holiness Christian Church is the realization of that dream.

We at God's Healing Holiness Christian Church ask that you join hands with us as we share in the vision that God has delivered. We count it a blessing that God has led you to this website , and we look forward to worshipping with you all.

           The Borlands

Reverend Winston Borland, Co-Pastor

Reverend Winston Borland was born in the town of Lincoln, parish of Manchester, Jamaica, West Indies to the parents of Evelyn Brett and George Borland. At the age of three, he relocated with his family to Kingston, Jamaica, West indies.


Reverend Winston Borland is a dynamic Sunday School Teacher, who through his teachings in Sunday School has inspired many. He is the Co-Pastor of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church. He has been serving the Lord since 1999. He has served on the Ecclesiastical Board and Executive Board of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church.


He also serves as the Head of the Men's Department and was one of the first Deacons of the Church of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church in the 90's.


Reverend Borland received his teaching from the Bishop who is an instructor at the Community Bible Institute and Seminary. He received his teaching on New Testament studies, Church History, Church Doctrine, and Biblical Hermeneutics.


Reverend Borland's occupation is Air Condition Tech. While working in the air condition industry, he attended Brevard Community College where he obtained a post-secondary adult vocational degree in air condition and heating service technology. 


He installed the Air Conditioner for the church and does the maintenance on the church property. He happily serves in any area; at times he is found humbly cutting the church lawn. Like so many in ministry, Reverend Winston Borland was hesitant to answer the call to ministry. In the spring of 1999, the Lord came into his heart and transformed his life. He was given the right hand of fellowship and received into the membership of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland. December 27, 2008 he was ordained from the office of Deacon to the office of Pastor,Reverend in which he currently serves.


Reverend Winston Borland is well respected amongst his peers in ministry. He loves the Lord and people in general. The ministry he serves is a multicultural ministry. They have two wonderful children and one grandson.


Edith Martinez

Elder Edith Martinez has lived in Florida for the past 25 years. She serves as Pastor along with her husband of 33 years. They have three children: Cynthia , Ernest Jr , and Melissa ; and their six grandchildren: Josiah, Jasmine, Eliana, and Jyrah, Jonathan,


Elder Edith Martinez was the  Pastor at the New Beginnings Worship Center, which was a multi-cultural church in Melbourne, Florida for five years . She has a deliverance ministry through which many have been set free. Elder Edith Martinez has a deep desire to see all local pastors working together to win Brevard County for Christ.


Elder Edith believes that her call is that of Isaiah 61, to preach the good news, heal the sick, to mend the broken hearted, to set the captives free, and to proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord. She believes that as we learn to give God true worship we will see His glory. God’s glory is for now.  


Elder Edith Martinez has served on the Board of Directors for Prevent. During her role as Pastor , she has also served as president for the South Brevard Minister’s Association.


She has also served on the Aglow Board as treasurer. She has a heart for women and their needs. She has spoken at several seminars through the years. As the Lord opens the doors, she considers it a privilege and an honor to minister to women.


She is now an associate at God's Healing Holiness Christian Church.


   Members of the  Clergy, the Holiness Christian Church



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