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 She is a modern day Nehemiah, in advancing the kingdom of God and building communities for Christ’s glory. Yoke Breakers Ministries is an extension of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church ministries in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. Apostle Dr. Lucille Richardson and her husband Bishop Perry Richardson pastor the church together. This ministry has grown tremendously in numbers over the past two years. They have seen a growth of about two hundred (200) members. Dr Borland remains faithful to the Yoke Breakers International Ministry.


She has been blessed to travel the footsteps of the Apostles Paul and the Apostle St. John. Dr. Borland was privileged to journey through Israel, Turkey, Greece, Asia Minor, Japan Tokyo, and Rome where she learned more about the Old and New Testament. She understood that the only path through unseen circumstances is through the Word of God. Treading through the pathway of the past helped her to understand the present. During her travels to Turkey (Asia Minor), and Greece, she had a profound experience on the Island (Isle) of Patmos, in the cave where the Apostle St. John received his revelation from Jesus Christ. Recently she traveled to Rome, Italy to increase her education of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.She obtained her Doctor of Divinity degree from Community Bible Institute and Seminary of Brevard County, Florida, an affiliate of University of America located in Murrieta, California. Presently, she lectures as an Instructor at her Alma-mater, the Community Bible Institute and Seminary where she teaches New Testament studies and Biblical Hermeneutics. She was selected as a guest speaker on the popular Christian television station, TBN to interview with Bishop Merton Clarke at Truth Revealed Ministries. The program aired to a broad audience reaching over 300, 000 viewers in the local Florida area and was viewed personally by Paul and Jan Crouch, the founders of the network for further worldwide broadcasting.

     She is the wife of Reverend Winston G. Borland and they are the proud parents of two children, Tesfa and Monique. Tesfa has received his  degree in  Technology. Bishop Dr. Borland and her husband are the proud grandparents of Tique Borland, age 16. Their daughter Monique Borland has received her M.B.A and is a  Managing Consultant at Deloitte Consulting firm. Monique is an outstanding Christian, and she worships in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Borland is a kingdom builder and enjoys working and living for the Lord. The Lord has given her a vision for the church, and the community at large.

Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland,

B.A., M.P.S., D.Div.


  Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland is a vibrant and relevant bible teacher, preacher, speaker and keen Administrator. At the tender age of seven, she gave her heart to the Lord. Her mother Mrs. Beryl Fletcher was very instrumental in teaching her the Bible. This lead her to 6 AM devotionals, praying, and a greater understanding of the Word of God. At the age of ten, she attended the Wesleyan Methodist Church and school at Rosemary Lane in Kingston Jamaica, W.I.

              In March of 1978, Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland, became a member of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, Bronx, New York and served faithfully there for thirteen years. She served as Chairperson of the Young Women’s Group, Sunday School Teacher, Prayer Warrior, Hospital Ministry and Founder of God’s New Hope Healing (Prison Ministry). While attending seminary, the Lord lead her to the Holiness church where she became a member of , where she developed and advanced her skills in the following areas: Sunday School Department, where she trained teachers and taught Sunday School and Evangelism classes  which allowed her to apply her Ministerial gift, under the leadership of Reverend Livingston Gibbs. 

      On February 1, 1979, she received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York in the state of New York. In between 1991-1992, in recognition of her dedicated service in prison ministry on Riker’s Island and prison barge ship in Manhattan, Dr. Borland received three commendations signed by the New York City Commissioner for outstanding Prison Ministry work.


          In May of 1991, Bishop Dr. Borland received the call to ministry. This occurred one night while sleeping when the Lord directed her to Luke 5:1-10. For several nights afterwards, she received visions from God, where He instructed her to read various chapters in the bible. As a result, Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland entered the seminary and on May 22, 1994 she earned a Master’s Degree in Professional Studies at New York Theological Seminary. Upon graduation, she was ordained by Archbishop Dr. Sidley Mullings.In recognition of her service to the Lord, Dr. Borland received a Certificate of Appreciation from the late Dr. Kenneth W. Wooten, District Superintendent of the Holiness Christian Church denomination, Philadelphia, PA. He believed that the work God used her to start was a courageous act started in the Deep Southern United States by a woman. He chose to recognize this, by awarding her with this honorary certificate.


Ministry of Healing:

Bishop Dr. Borland has a unique gift of healing and this has lead to the ministry of healing , which  is a primary focus of her ministry. Bishop Dr. Borland is the Senior Pastor and Founder of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church, where she and her husband, the Reverend Winston Borland, Co-Pastor serve. The church is located in the Town of Malabar, Florida, U.S.A.


     Bishop Dr. Borland is the Senior Pastor and Founder of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church, where she and her husband, the Reverend Winston Borland, Co-Pastor serve. The church is located in the Town of Malabar, Florida, U.S.A. Her administrative experience includes dealing with banks, loan officers, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, and attorneys. Bishop Dr. Borland is gifted in areas of counseling, teaching, management, budgeting, and real-estate investment.


Dr. Borland is the Founder of the Second Chance Alternative to Incarceration Ministry. With her vast experience in the criminal justice system, this has equipped her to establish a working relationship with the courts. This program serves as a conduit to the criminal and  family court for those adolescents who have been sentenced to do community service as an alternative to incarceration. It also allows Dr. Borland to educate the courts and judges on biblical principles so they have greater understanding of crime and punishment from the Judeo-Christian perspective and relate it to our modern day criminal justice system. 

On September 1, 2000, God led Dr. Borland to start a Ministerial Fellowship Group in Brevard County. The group consists of pastors from various denominations. The focus of the group was to unite pastors from the community in an effort to build up each other in prayer, and provide strong support for each pastor and their ministry.

In 2000, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she selected twelve persons full of the Holy Spirit to form the Building Committee to acquire land to build the sanctuary and to pursue the vision of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church. Dr. Borland lead the construction on the facility despite various delays, and many attacks from adversaries who said it could not be done. This resulted in the completion of the building and land acquisition worth over 2 million dollars.


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