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          Second Chance Alternatives to Incarceration

Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland earned her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice 

in Februaury 1979 from John Jay College of Criminal Justice , City University of New York.

Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland has worked in the legal system since 1973. She spent over 20 years with the Legal Aid Society as a paralegal in the five-boroughs of New York: Brooklyn, Bronx,Manhattan,Queens,Statan Island. Most of her clients was housed at the various complex at Riker's Island, Queens, New York.

The Inception:

In February of 2009, Senior Pastor and Founder Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland had a vision about establishing a program in our community.With this idea, and a background in legal service,she created a team to proceed in developing this program to serve the entire county of Brevard. "Second Chance Alternatives to Incarceration".


Why are we Different?

Other programs that offer a second chance to the past offenders leans heavily on the corrective aspect of a program, rather than first offering the preventative piece that deters unlawful behaviors. We being an organization birthed from within a Christian belief system; first recognized the importance in providing the nurturing and preventive information that builds strong minds and spirits. We provide the resistance to fight off influences of peer pressures,and temptations to fall out of line, and do the wrong things. Simple put, we stepped in and save you the heartache from having to face the Judge,or first the Police Officer,because your child just did not know what was right from wrong according to the law or what the Judicial System's punishment is for an innocent,or deliberate incident.



The Program's Services:

(1) Dispensation of Preventive information to all interested parties.

Methods: Live Professional speakers, from various City & County agencies in the Legal, Judicial,Probation,Political,Medical, & Women's Issues fields. The presenters use their voices, films, power point graphics, pamphlets  and other easily accessible handouts from various state, county & city agencies.


(2) A place and program to fufill your court ordered community service.

(3) Spiritual and corrective cognitive counseling.

(4) State of Florida rights restoration-filing help.

(5) State of Florida records expunge & seal help.


Objectives and Purpose of the Programs:

This program is designed to promote alternatives to incarceration, and to improve sentencing practices, particularly for indigent defendants. The program wishes to coalesce elected officials, criminal justice professionals, and community leaders giving voice to the need for change in the criminal justice policies that have resulted in dramatically increased incarceration at little benefit and great cost.


When considering our objectives in a social context we look at those who are currently at risk (teenagers,young adults, and the indigent). The Community service is a cost effective alternative to prision. As such this can and will save the County of Brevard in the long run hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Each individual who enters or partake of our services can and will be routed appropriately to other needed treatment programs as needed and available.


Activities to achieve the objectives and purposes:

Already we are hosting a "Youth Forum" that provides the correct and most pertinent information on the law, the consequences for disobeying the law, and your rights under the United States Constitution. This aspect of the forum has been hosted by a prominent Judge of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, along with a Probation Officer with the State of Florida prison systems. In the months ahead we will also have representatives from the various Police Departments and Sheriff Departments, Lawyers, Elected Officials, and various persons who have had  a brush with the system and have managed to recapture their lives and are productive citizens.


In continuation with the legal information, there will be constant participation of Judges and other officers of the court. It is of common knowledge that elders and retirees have a wealth of knowledge to share with youth and young adults, so we have incorporated a Big Brother,big Sister program for the express purpose of mentoring. In addition to the stated participation of invited guests, we who are affiliated and are a part of this program are qualified as certified members of the Clergy as well as certified counselors, Business professionals, and educationally proficient. We strongly believe that we can reach the hearts and minds of these delicate and youthful potential offenders, as well as those who deserve a second chance in society.



Description of the applying eligble Organization


The parent organization is God's Healing Holiness Christian Church. This is a Five-Fold Healing ministry that has its affiliation to the Holiness Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Senior Pastor Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland, who continues to be the Senior Pastor and Bishop of the organization,founded this church in Malabar Florida in 1995; and incorporated June 6, 1997.

The church is a non-profit entity with an established 501-(C)-3 charter. Its vision is broad and encompassing with a sincere focus on community service. Here are the most pressing of all needs the church is facing at this time in fulfilling its community service dreams.


Crime Prevention Program for Adolescent and Young Adults:

To work with the Criminal Justice System to provide education on crime and punishment, and how it can negatively impact the lives of our young people.This program will also serve as a conduit to the criminal and family  courts for those adolscents who have been sentenced to do community services as an alternative to incarceration. It will allow those who have passed through the system to redeem themselves as productive men and women of this society.


































                     Better to be aware, & prepared,rather than unaware and scared!

                     Knowledge breeds power in direction and power in choices we make!



                                 Second Chance Alternatives to Incarceration GHHCC









"My son, do not forget my law,But let your heart keep my commandments;For length of days 

and long life and peace they will add to you. Do not detest His correction; for whom the Lord loves, He corrects, just as a father the son in whom He delights".


                         Proverbs 3:1-2,11-12



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