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About Our Leaders:

Minister  Brenda Herbert, Church Mother

Minister Brenda Herbert was born and raised in Maine and moved to Florida in 1980 with her daugter. She is the wife of Eugene Herbert.  She is a proud grandmother to three girls and great grandmother of a boy. The Lord lead her to God's Healing in 2010 where she was blessed, and later appointed by Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland as Church Mother, She holds varies positions in the church ; Coordinator the Deborah Women's Ministry ;Treasure, and Office Manager.

Education; IBM computer Data processor,Famous Artist School, Office Administrator and Receptionist. Hermeneutics, Exegesis, Old Testament, Homiletics, Christian Doctrine, and Christian Ethics, Book of Acts ; classes were taught by Dr. Pauline Borland, professor of the Community Bible Seminary and Institute of Brevard County. Minister Brenda Herbert was ordained on the evening of Resurrection Sunday March 27, 2016 by, Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland our Senior Pastor and the Rev. Winston Borland ,Pastor to the Office of Minister. Her focus is to help women who are broken, and also to take the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to those who are in need of love and compassion.

Missionary Gesmina Fletcher, Director of Evangelist Department

Missionary Gesmina Fletcher was born in San Fernando, Trinidad, WI. At the age of 19, she migrated to the United States of America. In March 1975, after much prayer, fasting, and with the blessing of her mother she journeyed to the United Kingdom, England, where she began her life long career in nursing at Selly Oak school of Nursing in Birmingham.

After obtaining her BSN and license as a (SEN), she returned to the USA to continue her Nursing Career.

In 1990 she moved to Palm Bay, Florida; and became a member of God'sHealing Holiness Christian Church.In the year 2000,she was ordained by ArchBishop  Dr Sidley. Mullings and Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland as a Missionary. She serves currently as the Director of Evangelism, Event Planning Committee,and on the Board of Management at God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church; she is the mother of two wonderful young ladies and grandmother of three.She and her husband Errol Fletcher serve in ministry together.

Evangelist Jacqueline
Evangelist Department

Evangelist Jacqueline johnson was born in Kingston Jamaica. She was comfirmed at the age of eleven, at St. Georges Angelican Church, then later baptized at the age of twelve at Carmel Gospel Hall. A graduate of Fitz Henley Business College, in Kingston Jamaica and Florida Therapeutic Institute; certified in Herbology, Nutrition and Iridology.

She is the last of seven children. The mother of two daughters: Michelle and Yanique and two grandchildren: Jonathan and Ellis.

Evangelist Jacqueline has lived in the United States since 1981. She has traveled these Untied States with numerous affiliated Ministries of the Five-Fold Ministries. Namely, Ebenezer Deliverance Temple, Miami, Florida; and H.E.L.P.S Ministry, Shreveport, LA; Speaking and minstering in songs as a Psalmist.

She became a member of God's Healing Holiness Christian Church in 2016. She has since been under the guidence of Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland. She is currently the Assistant in the Evangelist Department and she assist with the Nursing Home Ministry, the Pastoral Care, Event Committee, and the GHHCC Choir.

Other wise known as "Grace" a spiritual name given because the Miraculous hand of GOD, has been seen in her since birth. She starts each day with Phil. 4:13 "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me".



Deaconess  Elizabeth Mohammed
Co-Chair of Pastoral Care
Church Auditor

Deaconess Elizabeth Mohammed was born in Trinidad W.I.. She moved to N.Y. at the age of nine with family. She accepted Christ in her life and was baptized at the age of fourteen in St. Luke Spiritual Baptist Church.  She received her Associates Degree from LaGuardia Community College in Business Management. She is a Mother of two boys: Kevon and Brandon, and is married to Deacon Charles Mohammed.

She relocated to Florida January 2000, and began attending God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church November 2012. 

She became a member of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church as of July of 2013. While under the guidance and teaching of Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland. She assists the Evangelist Department with the Nursing Home Ministry and is the Sunday School Superintendant she also teaches Sunday School . She serves as Church Secretary and  is a member of the Praise and Worship Team, the Event Committee, and Co- Chairs the Pastors Care Committee.Deaconess Elizabeth Mohammed was ordained by Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland to the office of Diaconate in September 14, 2014.

Deaconess Lenora Williams,Muse
Head Usher

Deaconess Lenora Williams, Muse has been a member of God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church for ten years now. She serves in the Usher Department as a Head Usher and leads the Prayer and Fasting Department. She is married and has two sons: Stephon Muse and Steven Muse, who also serve as Ushers in God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church. She was ordained in September 14, 2014 to the Office of Diaconate by Apostle-Bishop Dr. Borland,Senior Pastor.

Lucinda Simmons
Prayer Intercessor

Deaconess Lucinda Simmons was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. She later migrated to New York and studied English at Medger Evers College. C.U.N.Y. She worked for the depository and Trust Company where she retired as the coordinator. Deaconness Lucinda received her Christian Education from Dr. Pauline Borland who is also an instructor at Community and Seminary Institute of Brevard County. Deaconness Lucinda Simmons was ordained on Resurrection Sunday eveing of March 2016 to the Office of Diaconate by Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland,Senior Pastor and the Rev. Winston Borland,Pastor at G.H.H.C.C.

Deaconess Patsy Rosales, 
Head of the Pastoral Care Department
Minister, Alice Rollings,
Youth Pastor

Minister Alice Rollings, Youth Pastor was born and raised in the small town of Gainesville, Florida by her grandparents  Pastor Borie Hudson Jr. and Deaconess Florine Tyson-Hudson .  Alice  gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of 7 years old. Her grandmother Deaconess Florine taught her how to pray. She recalls a word from her late grandmother that she instilled in her, “Whatever you do for the Lord, let it be real”.

She loves the Lord with all her heart. Alice accepted the call from God to ministry in 2011. She left the State of Florida to  attend the Nyack College Christian Seminary in New York. She has a BS degree in the discpilines of Pastoral Ministry and , a minor in Biblical Theology.

During her journey, God lead her  to her  inspirational mentor and teacher Senior Pastor, Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland at God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church where she does her internship under the teaching of Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland when she is on  winter and summer breaks.

She is currently a member of God's Healing  Holiness Christian Church where she humbly serves; on the Praise and Worship Team, Youth Ministry, Prayer and Fasting Department and the Pastoral Care Department. She is a dynamic preacher.

Deacon  Charles Mohammed 
Head Deacon

Deacon  Charles Mohammed was born in Trinidad W. I.  and moved to New York in 1983. He is married to Deaconess Elizabeth Mohammed, and He is the parents of two boys Kevon and Brandon. He moved to Florida in January of 2000. He met Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland in November 2012 at her elevation ceremony. At that moment his life was changed; he was baptized on Good Friday 2013.

Since then, he has taken an active role in the church. He was chosen to join the Deacons classes, where he received his training. He was ordained by Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland in September 14, 2014 and elevated to the position of Head Deacon; Deacon Charles  loves the Lord and is a great intercessor in the ministry. He is also Technical Supervisor in the Audio Room, sings in the Men of Valor Choir, an assists the Evangelist Department in the Church's Nursing Home Ministry.

Lawrence McCalla
Co-Head Deacon

Deacon Lawrence McCalla was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a former member of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, Bronx, NY, where he sang as a member of the choir and was also a member of the Drama Ministry. 


The Lord has blessed him with five children: Daniel, Ashley, Evan, Crystal, and Amaris. He has been truly blessed with his a strong, beautiful Queen and wife, Anita. He currently serves as the Choir Director of the Men of Valor Choir and will be assisting Bishop Dr. Borland with the 2nd Chance/Alternatives to Incarceration Program.

Deacon Lawrence has earned his Master’s Degree in mental Health Counseling from Webster University, Palm Bay Campus in August of 2009. He is employed at Crosswinds Youth Services as a Youth Counselor. He also worked as a Case Manager and provides Youth Care functions.


He is thankful to God for allowing  him to be in this ministry serving under the leadership of  Bishop Dr. Borland, Sr. Pastor, and Reverend Winiston Borland.doing for the church body. His prayer is that the Lord would continue to unite and strengthen God’s Healing Holiness Christian Church as God’s will be done in our lives. 

Errol Fletcher
Chairman Event Planner

Deacon Errol Fletcher was born in Kingston on the island of Jamaica W.I.

In 1981 he gave his life to the Lord at the worship service held at God's Healing Holiness Christian Church. On Good Friday morning in 1999, he was baptized by Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland. Deacon Errol Fletcher received his Christian Education in Old and New Testament from Dr. Pauline Borland who is a professor at Community Bible Seminary and Insititute of Brevard County.  Throughout the years, he has worked at the church and served in varies financial departments. His job was to make sure the funds were coming into the church, so that the vision that the Lord gave the Bishop would come to past. Deacon Fletcher mission is to advance the Kingdom of God and and build the community for the glory of Christ. Like one write a pen; " Lord make me an instrument of your love". (Acts 6:1-6). He was ordained on Ressurection Sunday March 2016  at G.H.H.C.C by , Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland,Senior Pastor and Instructor and the Rev. Winston Borland,Pastor to the Office of Diaconate.

Lionel Mckenzie

Deacon Lionel Mckenzie was born on the island of St. Vincent, W.I.

Deacon Lione was raised in the catholic faith. He served as an altar boy for many years at St. Vincent Catholic church. In 1956 he moved to Barbados. A few years later, he migrated to the United States. Deacon Lionel has taken deacon training classes at God' Healing Holiness Christian Church which has prepared him to the Office of Diaconate taught by Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland. He was ordained on the evening of Resurrection Sunday 2016 by , Apostle-Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland,Senior Pastor and the Rev. Winston Borland, Pastor at G.H.H.C.C.

Evangelist Latifah Ferron
Youth Coordinator &
Praise &Worship Director

Deaconess Patsey Rosales was born in Trinidad. She lived in New York City for many years. In 1997, she relocated to Florida with her children. In 1999 , she received the right hand of fellowship to God's Healing Holiness Christian Church. In 2003, she was ordained by Bishop Dr. Pauline Borland into the office of Diaconate. Presently, Deaconess Patsy is the head of the Pastoral Care Committee.


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